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Dreaming Centre

We are one of the leading wellbeing centres in Melbourne, Victoria that offer numerous services to improve the mental and physical state of individuals and develop their overall wellbeing. Our centre is a platform that will let you explore and find yourself.

What we do?

Find Yourself

Our programs will prompt the journey of your self-discovery. We will help you to get rid of the blocks so that you can find yourself and connect with your surrounding and society.

Set Goal

We will help you to unleash your vast potential and help you to set your goals. Gain the insight and knowledge so you can move forward with courage.


Our professionals skilfully remove the negativity and darkness that lay deep within you. As a result you develop the self-esteem and a positive approach towards life.You become your true self and look at life with a different approach.

Understanding Well Being

People often confuse wellbeing with ‘happiness’ but these two are entirely two different things. Happiness is temporary as it can come and go in a moment, while wellbeing is a broader concept. It reflects more stable state of being well –physically and mentally and feeling of satisfaction. According to a survey conducted a few years ago, 35 % of Australians have distress in their lives. 26 % of people have anxiety symptoms and same percentage of people have extremely severe levels of depression symptoms. Thus, we focus on the mental physical, emotional and lifestyle aspects to improve the overall wellbeing.

How Biyala Dreaming Centre Help?

At Biyala Dreaming Centre, we provide motivational and practical support that helps people in Melbourne and other part of VIC. We organise different programs that develop the skills that are required to move on, flourish and enhance the quality of the life. Many reputed companies hire us for wellbeing of their employees; including top business houses, service sectors including the end of lease cleaning Melbourne experts and small scale businesses. We might not be able to solve your problems that you are facing in your career, family or overall life, but what we will do is to make your mentally stronger so that you can deal with the issues in a calm and composed manner. We will empower you and giving you new tool to connect with yourself, the community and your dreams. Here, you will get positivity, inspiration, aspiration, strength, self-care, and self-awareness.

The Area We Focused On

At Biyala Dreaming Centre, we focus on the mental, physical, emotional aspects as well as the lifestyle of an individual. When we concentrate on the mental aspect, we teach the stress management, work on anxiety and depression, mental health education, workplace or school bullying, performance management, and many other things. When it comes to physical aspect, we focus on body weight training, effective exercise program, basic movement and stretching for elders, improving postures in the workplace and so on. To enhance a person emotionally stronger, we concentrate on interpersonal and communication skills, self-esteem and self- confidence, mindfulness, relationship management, and so on. When it comes to lifestyle, our programs help people to manage the work life balance, career management, goal attainment and so on. By focusing on these areas, we want to improve the overall wellbeing. A person should feel comfortable, healthy, or happy in all aspect of life.

Our Team

Thanks to a team of experienced, qualified and trained professionals, we are able to provide the best wellness services in the industry. Our professionals are hired after a stringent three stage process and their backgrounds are verified. Thus, you can rest assured our professionals are adept at handling your wellness like no other. With their help, you can reduce stress, anxiety and even fight depression. What’s more they can help you develop strength and stamina through yoga and other holistic practices. Our team is also available to guide you whether you are seeking assistance for the first time or done it before

“I would like to thank Biyala Dreaming Centre for help me to re discover myself. Now, I fell way more relaxed and confident even in the chaos of professional and personal life.”

Olivia Brown

“After I lost my best friend a year ago, I was getting depressed and there was a feeling of negativity. Then I came to know about Biyala Dreaming Centre in Melbourne and approached them. With their excellent programs, I regain the positivity of my life.”

Adam Johnson

“The stress of the workplace and the pressure of responsibility tool a toll on my mental health and for quite some time, I was looking for some help. Biyala Dreaming Centre helps me a lot to enhance my mental health and overall wellbeing.”

Steve Taylor

Biyala Dreaming Centre is a genuine place in Melbourne, VIC where you can improve your wellbeing in the safest possible way. Their programs are highly effective and suitable for all age group.

Charlotte White

“If you want to take control over your stressed out mind and tired body and soul, then you must try joining the Biyala Dreaming Centre. I have recently joined them and I am really happy with the result.”

Lucas Lee

Who we are

Our Background

The wellbeing programs are highly engaging and evidence based because we design them after a lot of research. We organise these programs, both face-to-face and virtual across the nation and covers an extensive range of health and wellness topics. Biyala Dreaming Centre works with local and national organisations in Melbourne and Victoria, schools, government councils, community organisations and so on. We professionals make efforts to reduce stress, improve the mental health, resilience, maximise performance, boost productivity and enhance overall wellbeing of the individuals.

The wellbeing programs that we designed are very helpful. Thus, these are backed by numerous seasoned and highly qualified health practitioners, trainers and coaches across the Melbourne, and other parts of Victoria. From teenagers and young professionals to married couple and elders, our programs are beneficial for all age groups. Get rid of the self-doubt, stress, anxiety, negativity, low energy and strength, mental blocks, and embarrassment with our help. It is high time to look at the life with a positive approach and confidence.

Start feeling the difference for yourself as you take on a new approach to life with our well-being programs. You will be able to become more aware of who you are as a person and will grow in multiple ways. You can get some great insights into your mind and what you want from life and get more enriched. These well-being programs will open up a whole new side of you that has a positive and self-aware energy surrounding him or her.

Our Programs

The programs we offer will help you to reduce your stress, anxiety, signs of depression, fatigues, and sadness. It will increase your learning ability, productivity and creativity, etc. You will also develop pro-social behaviour positive social relationships. As a result, you will improve your physical, mental health and life expectancy. Our programs include dealing with stress and anxiety, fighting depression, developing strength and stamina.

Who Need Our Programs

People who find is difficult to cope with the stress, looking for identity, struggling in all types of relationship, suffering from depression, have career issues, heath issues, and family issues and join us. Our programs will empower you and build your self-confidence. As a result, you will feel more connect to your surroundings, develop a desire to achieve your goal, and develop an awareness about your boundaries.


People suffering from stress, anxiety and depression has significantly increased in last one decade. Mental illness is very common in Australia as one in every five individuals aged between 16 and 85 experience some sort of mental illness in any year. Studies have found that personal financial issue is the biggest reason behind the stress, insecurity, depression among people. Other factors include heath issues, family issues, workplace issues, relationship, study and friendship problems. At, Biyala Dreaming Centre we address all these problems through our programs.

Our Workshops

Biyala Dreaming Centre organise workshops at various place in Victoria where our skilled and seasoned professionals take sessions with people who want to transform their life and need metal and physical strength to deal with daily problems. We conduct the workshops across the Melbourne, VIC and address various aspects of wellbeing. People find our workshops are very helpful and thus, more and more people are joining us. So far, we have helped than 4400 people through our excellent programs. To know about our upcoming workshops, visit our workshop page.

Our Partners