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We are backed by our qualified professionals and health practitioners. They don’t just offer the advice needed to enhance your overall happiness and wellbeing, but also provide the much-needed guidance, motivation and direction to simplify the change in the long term. The seasoned experts, usually from Melbourne city, Victoria, use various techniques, including positive psychology, behavioural change, personality development, motivational interviewing, and many more. We have more than 100 professionals in our team, and they are headed by experienced people. They make sure that every single person is getting the solution that is needed. Here is a list of our most experienced and skilled team members who have made Biyala Dreaming Centre what it is.

Stacy Robinson

Stacy is one of the founders of Biyala Dreaming Centre qualifications include advanced level wellness coaching accreditation from a recognised institute of Australia. She is not only a master personal trainer but also Bachelor's Degree in Business. Stacy has taken part in numerous wellness programs all across the nation and received many awards. She always provides her valuable guidance to the entire team and helps us in every possible way.

Grace Wilson

Grace is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) as well as an Accredited Nutritionist (AN). She develops her interest in nutrition just because of a natural curiosity for science and then started to help people develop a healthy relationship with food. Grace is working with us for last many years and takes care of programs that involve healthy food.

Adam Taylor

Adam is a qualified Accredited Exercise Physiologist. He holds a degree in Master of Clinical Exercise Science and Rehabilitation. His passions include exercise and helping people to live healthier and happier life. He is working with Biyala Dreaming Centre for the last five years and guiding other members of the team. He has designed and modified many of our programs.

William Johnson

William holds a degree in Masters in Health Administration and has a lot of experience in this genre. He makes sure that all our plans and strategies are executed in the smoothest ways possible. William has been working with us for more than six years and helped take Biyala Dreaming Centre to the next level.

Edgar White

Edgar is a qualified and experienced yoga teacher who is working with us for the last five years. He has an in-depth understanding of yogic techniques and different asana. He is a popular name in Melbourne because he has the ability to create intelligent, creative and fun sequences that help him to teach yoga to other people. Edgar guides other young yoga teachers we have.

Daniel Anderson

Daniel is a motivational speaker who is also a part of the Biyala Dreaming Centre for many years. He shared his experience and knowledge to remove the negativity and insecurity from the minds of people and replace it with confidence, positivity and enthusiasm. Daniel takes part in many of our workshops that we organise all across Melbourne and other cities of VIC.

Amelia Walker

Amelia is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist registered with the Psychology Board of Australia. She has worked with many hospitals in Melbourne, community health settings and mental health facilities for many years and joined us a couple of years ago. She provides excellent support to people suffering from various mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, trauma, and alcohol or drug abuse.

Emma Campbell

Emma is an experienced Accredited Practicing Dietitian who is working with us for the last three years. She has transformed the lives of thousands of people who used to follows an unhealthy diet. She participated in our workshops to educate people about the significance of a healthy diet and also highlights the misconceptions that people have developed about dieting.

Andrew Martin

Andrew is also an Accredited Exercise Physiologist who has expertise in dealing with employees who suffer from various issues in their workplace. The problems involve low productivity, mental blockage, lack of enthusiasm, communication gap, self-confidence, career satisfaction, etc. When we organise our workshops for employee wellbeing, he is always there to help the people.

John Kelly

John has a diploma of fitness and certificate 4 in weight management. When it comes to increasing the strength and stamina in your body, John provides his valuable guidance to people. In our workshops, he shares the simplest but most effective workout for different age groups.