About Us

Who We Are

Biyala Dreaming Centre is one of the best wellbeing centres in the country. Our primary working area is Melbourne, but we have extended our reach to other areas of Victoria as well. Since our inception, we have entirely focused on improving the mental, physical health of Australians so they can live a better quality of life. We start our journey with only one centre and two professionals, but we become bigger with each passing year. At the moment we have more than six centres across the city and more than 10 in Victoria. We not only focus on the mental aspect of individuals but also the physical, emotional aspects and lifestyle. We are highly appreciated by the people of the country for the wellbeing programs that we offer. Our educated and experienced professionals follow the traditional approach that helps you to remove negativity and stress from life and fill it with confidence, positivity and good health.

The programs we offer include dealing with stress and anxiety, fighting depression, developing strength and stamina, communication skills and techniques, power of yoga and meditation, developing self-esteem, managing relationship, and career goal. Biyala Dreaming Centre conducts workshops at different places in Melbourne and Victoria for people who want to improve the quality of their life. We work with local and national organisations, schools, government councils, community organisations, NGOs, etc.

Our Goals

We want to help more and more people in Melbourne and other parts of the country, and for that, we need to increase the reach of our service. By helping people in more places, we will also help their families, improving the overall wellbeing of the family. We respect all our customers and understand the struggle they are going through. Therefore, we will deliver flexible and responsive services for people impacted by mental ill-health and be there when people need us.

We also aim to make people aware of the Biyala Dreaming Centre and the programs we offer. The intention is to provide support to people, and they will only come to us if they who we are and what we do. We want to be that common point where everyone can get vital information, workshops and ideas on wellbeing. Biyala Dreaming Centre will continue to improve as an organisation that delivers quality and sustainable services.

We will build a skilled workforce that will thoroughly research about the current scenario of the wellbeing percentage of Australia and will find an appropriate solution. Our organisation will include more and more organisations, institutes, and communities, so we can expand the reach of our programs, and more people can get benefitted.

Our Values

We are always committed to ensuring that our service and effort for the people and our engagement with them show the following values.

Biyala Dreaming Centre values courage, hope and determination, knowing that a person can regain its wellbeing by following the right ways.

We also value the innovative ideas and work practices that constantly enhance our ability to provide outstanding services.

  • Our organisation also value that our clients are taking charge of the recovery and assisting Biyala Dreaming Centre in supporting that recovery.

We also value the rights of the people and dedicated to all the activities for social justice.

Biyala Dreaming Centre also values responsibility and honesty in our relationships with the carers and families, consumers, staff and other members.

Feedback of the Experts

“Biyala Dreaming Centre is one of the best centres in not only Melbourne and Victoria but the entire nation where people can come and improve their overall wellbeing. Their programs focus on various aspects like mental, physical, emotional and lifestyle.”

David Martin (Personal Trainer)

“I would highly recommend Biyala Dreaming Centre to everyone who is dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, relationship problem, health issues, and career frustration and so on. Their programs will remove the mental blocks and give you positivity.”

Daisy White (Dietitian)

“If you want to improve your wellbeing in a true sense, you need to consult with the specialists like Biyala Dreaming Centre. They have numerous programs that help individuals to improve their mental and physical health, which improve the overall wellbeing.”

George Thompson (Physiologist)

As a psychologist, I often recommend my patient to visit Biyala Dreaming Centre and opt for their program. They organise their workshops at various places in Melbourne and also at other places in Victoria. If you want to improve your mental state and have concern for your wellbeing, visit them at the earliest.

Adam Walker (Physiologist)

Our Partners