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At Biyala Dreaming Centre, we organise workshops across Melbourne and Victoria to help people who want to improve their wellbeing and overall quality of life. We have a team of experienced and qualified professionals who take the session and help people to change their life. We have already helped more than 4400 people through our workshops and expected to help another 450 people this year. Here are the upcoming workshops that will take place in Melbourne. We also organise virtual workshops for people from other cities of Victoria. In our workshops, the experts share valuable information with people, some innovative techniques and some exercises.

15th July

Importance of Wellbeing - Melbourne

In this workshop, we will discuss the concept of wellbeing and what is significant in our life. In this workshop, you will learn that wellbeing is not only the state of happiness but also the satisfaction in your life, the sense of security, relaxation, a healthy mind and a feeling of confidence. It is a broader concept that people need to understand.

26th July

Know Your Body - Melbourne

The human body is way more complex than it appears. It is not easy to understand how your body functions and how different factors can have an impact on your body. In our upcoming workshop, we will understand the body. You will be only able to keep it in good shape if you know about it.

2nd August

Journey of Your Self-Discovery - Melbourne

Are you searching for your identity but struggling to find it? Then this workshop is for you. Here our experts will help you to learn how you can question and examine your words, action, thoughts and reach the conclusion of who you really are. It will help you to know what you are good at and what you are passionate about.

8th August

Power of Positive Psychology - Geelong

If you have a negative mindset and thought process, you cannot live a happy and healthy life. Therefore you need to change that, and our upcoming workshop, ‘Power of Positive Psychology’ can help you do that. In this workshop, you will learn the tactics, techniques and practices to implement positive psychology in your life. This is most likely to have a great impact on your life.

17th August

Ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety - Melbourne

It seems like stress and anxiety have become an inseparable part of our hectic lifestyle. That is why the majority of people overlook its negative impact on your life. In our upcoming workshop, we will look at ways to relieve stress and anxiety. There are some smart tactics to minimise their impact on your mind, and you can learn them in the workshop.

22nd August

Dealing with Pressure of Workplace - Bendigo

Biyala Dreaming Centre has organised this workshop for a multinational company that is based in Melbourne. They have more than 4000 employees, and the management is concern about their wellbeing. Therefore, we have organised it for employees facing various issues like communication gaps, low productivity, etc. The workshop will be beneficial for them.

1st September

Concept of Brain Power - Geelong

If you want to know how to take control of your thoughts and actions, we are organising a workshop that will explain the concept of brainpower. Our experienced professionals will explain the concept in detail and will clear all the doubts. The exercise that you will learn in this workshop will enhance your cognitive skills, memory and overall mental state.

6th September

Develop Strong Relationships - Melbourne

Our workshop will also focus and help you to lay the foundation of a strong bond with your family, friends, community, workplace and its people and so on. In this workshop, you will learn about relationship management that will help you to build and maintain a long-term relationship with different people. If you are facing relationship issues, then you must opt for such workshops.

19th September

Self-Care - Ballarat

Biyala Dreaming Centre is also organising a workshop where you will learn about the simple strategies that will help you to look after your physical, mental as well as emotional wellbeing. This workshop is appropriate for all age groups, so it is highly recommended for everyone. In the pressure of studies, work, and other responsibilities, most people overlook their wellbeing.

24th September

Habit formation - Melbourne

The key to achieve long-term success in every aspect of life is to follow a good and healthy habit. Therefore, it is important that you follow such a habit. In this workshop, our experts will help you to understand the significance of a healthy habit. You will also know how to make it and the challenges you might face while following such a habit.

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